College Basketball Live!

College Basketball Live! 1.16

Follow March Madness on your iPhone


  • Comprehensive coverage of all games
  • Chat feature
  • 'Cheer' or 'boo' a team


  • Can run slowly at times

Very good

Keeping up with all the matches in the College Basketball season can be a bit of a struggle at times. College Basketball Live! is a free app that delivers all the latest news and scores to your phone.

College Basketball Live! lets you view all the NCAA matches being played on a given day, offering previews of lots of the matches, as well as live coverage once they've actually tipped off. Each match screen features a chat window option, where you can hurl abuse at your rivals. What's more, you can also opt to cheer or boo a team by clicking the appropriate button. You can view the number of cheers and boos for each team, so you can quickly see which is the more popular.

You can also use College Basketball Live! to view details of previous matches. Besides just providing the result of each game, the application also offers stats for each player, a summary of the game, plus a breakdown of all the plays. College Basketball Live! leaves no detail out, making it probably the most comprehensive NCAAA guide on the Android.

On the downside, College Basketball Live! Can run a little slowly, and sometimes takes a while to update information and stats, but then I guess that’s something you would expect from an app that handling lots of real time content.

Overall though, College Basketball Live! is a very thorough tool for keeping up with March Madness on your phone.

This version contains very small but significant bug fixes


  • This version contains very small but significant bug fixes
College Basketball Live!


College Basketball Live! 1.16

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